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 Deadline: English-speaking programs:   October 31, 2016


                   Welcome to the online application website for NTUST international students.  To access the application,  please  click  “Create  Account” on the left cloumn and enter your personal data.  Thereafter,  you can use the same E-mail and password to access NTUST application system.  After completing all required information, the system will automatically send a confirmed message to your E-mail address.

Please note that  the following procedures must be completed before submitting  your application: 

  1. Enter your personal information and plan of study on line,  then press "submit" to confirmation page and print out the application form, declaration, authrorization, and cover page .   
  2. Sign your name on the completed application form, declaration, and authorization.
  3. Send the above forms and your application documents (please refer to application guideline, including diploma, transcript (academic records), 2 letters of recommendation,signed by the issuers(photocopy or print from computer file are not accepted), study plan (around 300 words) and other documents by using the printed cover page to the department you plan to apply of NTUST.

**Application documents must be received by the Section of Graduate Studies (master and Ph.D. program) or Section of the Registrar (undergraduate program) via FEDEX or DHL service or in person before Nov. 4. 

Late or incomplete application after deadline will be regarded as giving up.

** Once submitted to the system, you are not allowed to change the application data.  

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